Help for NJ Renters

For New Jersey tenants who fear being evicted in the near future, many protections have been implemented as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, whether by executive order or legislation passed in New Jersey or by the federal government.

Two key points must be made at the outset. One, you will not be evicted in the near future, for any reason. However, and this is very important, at some point, the rent that isn’t paid now will be due in the future. There is no rent freeze that has been enacted by any level of government, only a suspension or evictions and lockouts.

New Jersey governor Phil Murphy has issued an executive order mandating that no residential tenant be evicted or removed until two months following the lifting of the governor’s emergency declaration. In addition, New Jersey courts are currently closed and will remain so until at least April 27, 2020, and probably longer. Third, any building owner with a federally-backed mortgage, is prohibited from filing an eviction action. Thus no residential tenant will face removal in the short term.

That said, any rent that is not paid now, will at some time in the future become due and would a basis for a non-payment action. Again, you have no fears of being thrown out now, but pay your rent now, if at all possible. This most likely will be a wise decision if you desire to remain where you are for the foreseeable future.