Stop Collections Now with Chapter 7

Welcome to our new website at Kernan Law, set up to respond to rapidly moving events, and the economic distress being felt by our clients.

Latest Updates

April 16: Good summary from Forbes on the pros and cons of requesting a mortgage payment forbearance.

April 15: The IRS has set up a “get my payment” information page here. See where you stimulus check is now.

March 26: The recently passed federal stimulus package gives homeowners the right to request a 180-day forbearance of monthly mortgage payments, if you have a FNMA or FHLMC-backed loan. A second 180-day forbearance is also available. Additional interest cannot accrue. You can check the FNMA and FHLMC lookup pages to see whether you have such a loan. Call us for more details, anytime, at 973-953-7797.

March 24: We have developed a completely remote filing process for Chapter 7 bankruptcy for individuals and couples facing an unmanageable debt load.

March 19: If you are concerned about being evicted from your home in New Jersey, there is positive news from the Governor’s office. An indefinite moratorium has been placed on all residential evictions, whether obtained in landlord-tenant court or following a sheriff sale. You have no immediate worries about being thrown out of your home.

What We Do

If you are under financial distress and being hounded by creditors, know that filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stop all collection activity immediately. You then can discharge most debt, including court judgments and wage garnishments, while keeping many assets, including cash and your car.

Filing is entirely electronic, and automated with the latest industry software.

Our office has 2 attorneys with combined 25-plus years practicing all facets of bankruptcy. We can explain the process to you, help you chart the best course of action, and guide you all the way through.

Our fees are reasonable, and discounted as well, given the current financial upheaval.

We are attorneys licenced to practice in New Jersey, and we will appear with you at the “meeting of creditors” when you face questions under oath from the bankruptcy trustee. We will prepare you for that interview and all other aspects of the process.

Please call or text anytime to our mobile number, at 973-953-7797, for a free consultation. That’s 24/7 for a free consultation.

Our office is located in Clifton, New Jersey, at 636 Van Houten Avenue, in the Athenia section.