Chapter 7 Remote Filing

Our office has developed a completely remote bankruptcy filing process for Chapter 7 petitions, given the current state of emergency in New Jersey. No in-person contact is required to complete and file your Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We can work as follows:

  1. Client and attorney complete the initial consultation by phone, to determine best course of action.
  2. If Chapter 7 is the agreed-upon route, attorney will send the Client a full questionnaire to review and complete.
  3. Client fills out and returns the Questionnaire to my office, via fax or e-mail. All information necessary for completion of the bankruptcy filing will be on the Questionnaire.
  4. Client obtains 1 or 2 credit reports at, and e-mails PDF copies to my office. We can do this over the phone together, if necessary.
  5. Client completes credit counseling at or Client sends PDF of certificate to my e-mail box.
  6. Attorney will then complete the bankruptcy petition and schedules, and review with the Client, via phone or e-mail. Upon client’s final approval, the petition can be filed and the automatic stay obtained, stopping ALL collection activity immediately.
  7. For the initial filing, no physical signature of the documents is required, until further notice.
  8. Any in-person meeting or appearance with the trustee or bankruptcy court can be adjourned or completed by conference call. No trip to Newark will be required (most likely).
  9. And payments can be made by PayPal.